How do you ensure that the solution meets your expectations?

10 tips for choosing the right quality software

Choosing a Quality Management System (QMS) solution is not an easy task, since every QHSE project impacts three important aspects of the company: people, the information system, and data and document flows.

1. Functional coverage

Many QHSE management software packages cover only part of a company's needs. With Avanteam Quality Manager, you can be sure of a simple, modular response to all quality and performance management needs, including :


  • Document Life Cycle Management
  • Planning and follow-up of audits and reviews
  • Processing of deviations, non-conformities and complaints
  • Follow-up of action plans with automatic reminder
  • Risk management professional and operational
  • Training, accreditation and individual interviews
  • Follow-up and periodic control of equipment
  • Management thanks to dashboards accessible in real time.
  • Integrated management solution quality, safety, environment

2. Compatibility with ISO standards and business requirements

When you choose Avanteam Quality Manager QHSE software , you're opting for an integrated, scalable management tool that's constantly up to date with the latest standards, regulations and sectoral requirements: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ILO-OSH 2001, EN 9100, ISO 22000, ISO 26000, ISO 13485, ISO 15378, EN 15986, ISO 28620, ISO 17025, ISO 15189, MASE, FDA 21 CFR 11, QUALIBAIL, and more.

In addition, thanks to its ability to manage all operational and professional risks: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, ..., as well as interested parties, competencies, authorizations and annual reviews, the software Quality Manager ensures the compliance of your company with the 2015 version of the ISO standards

Avanteam Quality Manager provides services to companies of all sizes, from regional SMEs to multinationals, whatever their sector of activity: agri-food, insurance and mutual insurance, building and construction, banking and finance, trade and distribution, administration and communities, energy, industry, cosmetics, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, health, services, transport and logistics

3. Ease of use and deployment

Collaborative quality management applications (QMS) are often used on a large scale. They need to be easy to use for as many people as possible. With its QHSE software, Avanteam offers an ergonomic and intuitive interface, as well as a contextual portalportal, giving everyone rapid access to their favorite files, tasks and documents. The 100% web-based client interface also facilitates deployment and maintenance of the solution.

4. Flexibility of settings

A quality management software must be easily accessible to quality managers, so that they can easily and autonomously administer it. With Avanteam Quality Manager and its Process Studio design workshop, you can make your software evolve in line with organizational or strategic changes in your company, without having to be an IT specialist, and without having to do any coding. 

Process Studio's graphical wizards enable users to customize their applications These include electronic forms, workflows, file plans, search browsers, widgets, graphical reports and dashboards, all easily and without any technical skills.

5. Organizational support

Business processes involving a large number of stakeholders. It is necessary to be able to define the prerogatives, the fields of intervention and the interactions between these actors. 

By integrating the "rules" and "roles" specific to each organizationAvanteam's offer allows a dynamic and contextual management of QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, Environment) processes.

6. Integration with the existing 

Most companies today have existing databases (products, customers, ...) that must be easily integrated to avoid unnecessary re-entries or to proceed to controls or reconciliation in real time. 

Avanteam offers a range of standard connectors for interfacing its quality software with existing management systems (CRM and ERP) such as SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, Sage, Cegid, Microsoft Dynamics, etc. A dynamic exchange interface with office suites is also supplied as standard to optimize dynamic and collaborative document management in interaction with your processes: document creation from Word templates, automatic response mail to a customer complaint, etc.

7. Evolutionary capacity

The organization is constantly evolving, as are its processes. It is therefore necessary to favour tools that allow for a rapid and bottom-up approach as well as a general (top-down) approach that can potentially impact the entire company.

Thanks to its its reusable components and its repository of business applicationsAvanteam's offer allows to capitalize on what has been done to target an extension with a fast and guaranteed return on investment.

8. Ability to simplify complexity

The company's activities and the processes that support them are increasingly complex. The organization must be able to communicate them easily to as many people as possible to create buy-in and involvement in their execution. 

The graphical modeling of your processes in Process Studio, and the visual reminder of the execution of each workflow, help your staff to better understand the customer's requirements and the way in which each person must organize themselves to meet them.. The ability to link several processes together as sub-processes of a larger process (e.g. several corrective or preventive actions in response to an incident or complaint) also simplifies their modeling and computerization.

9. Steering and reporting tools

Any approach to quality and continuous improvement is based on indicators (KPIs). It is therefore necessary to provide precise information on the status of a process as it is being carried out: complaints in progress, actions overdue, etc., but also to keep a history of the progress of this process for audit and control purposes.

QHSE - Quality Manager offers you indicators and dashboards, providing management with information on objectives, trends, sources of non-conformity and areas for improvement. And with Graph Builder, you can create your own graphical reports..

10. Business expertise

Beyond the quality of a quality management software (QMS), the success of your project also requires the choice of a partner who knows your business, your sector of activity and its regulatory requirements.

Avanteam is a recognized leader in the quality management software market, with over 20 years' experience and more than 500 customers in all sectors of activity. the expertise and experience of its teams throughout your project. Thanks to numerous customer projectsour consultants are able to share with you the experience they have gained in the field, in contact with users, and to provide you with sound, practical advice.

Our clients testify

What seduced the users and myself, are the modernity of the interface and the functional richness of Avanteam solutions.

Claude BOUR

With Avanteam Process Studio, we have already automated around ten value-added business workflows for the company.

Matthieu Niclot
Digital Coordinator

We chose Avanteam because of the speed with which the workflows could be implemented, and the ability to customize the solution independently.

Mathilde Borel
Head of IT - Finance

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