Invoice Manager

Software for dematerializing supplier invoices

With Invoice Manager, dematerialize and automate the processing of your supplier invoices to improve your teams' productivity and cut 80% of processing costs.

Invoice Manager Avanteam Introduction

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The benefits of dematerialized invoicing software

Total visibility of your supplier invoices and cash flow

Stronger relationships with suppliers 

Gain visibility and simplifyyour accounting closures

80% reduction in processing time and costs

Obtain better financial terms from your suppliers

Go mobile and validate your purchases or supplier invoices from anywhere

Respect of deadlines and contractual commitments

Better control of fraud risks

Automate the entire P2P process: purchasing & supplier invoicing

A complete and intelligent solution

Automatic invoice capture and indexing thanks to AI and Deep Learning

Customizable validation workflow

Litigation management and supplier follow-up

Standard connectors with your ERP and accounting software

Invoice dematerialization software view
Supplier invoice view in supplier invoice dematerialization software

Validation and accounting reconciliation

Validation and management of the payment order according to your management rules

Reconciliation of invoices with purchase orders and delivery notes

Accounting and analytical breakdown according to your charts of accounts

Rapid integration of your reference systems: third parties, charts of accounts, currencies, payment methods, etc.

Manage your accounting and financial activities efficiently

Get real-time indicators and dashboards on your process performance

Speed up financial closing and auditing procedures

Generate and share customized reports

Diagram of invoice dematerialization software
Use of invoice dematerialization software

Mandatory electronic invoicing: be ready for 2024!

Anticipate mandatory electronic invoicing! Choose a single solution for your needs, today and tomorrow, with invoice dematerialization software.

Maintain good relationships with your customers and suppliers by ensuring that your process is already in compliance with legal requirements.

Avoid the financial penalties that may apply for each non-compliant transmission.

Automate your entire Purchase-To-Pay process

Did you know that with Avanteam you can automate your entire purchasing and supplier invoicing cycle?

Purchase Manager

Dematerialized management of purchase requests

Avanteam Mobile

Unleash the potential of your teams on the field, providing them with secure access to their processes, documents and tasks from any iOS, Android or Windows Phone device.

They talk about it better than we do

Since we've been using Avanteam's solutions, we've noticed a significant drop in the number of disputes, improved traceability and much faster processing of supplier invoices.

Adrien Pirri
Head of Dematerialization of Suppliers & Accounting for the Production Division

With Avanteam we have reached 100% of our objectives: to improve the working conditions of our employees by eliminating paper and administrative tasks, to guarantee a legal security of our processes and to be a modern and socially responsible company.

Terence Inthavong
Project Manager
@Laboratoires Expanscience

Any purchase request is now processed in 2 days. Before, it took weeks and offered little visibility.

Eric Cohen
@Chiesi Laboratories

Why Avanteam?

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We put end-users first, with the aim of making their lives easier.


Our solutions adapt to your organization and grow with your strategy, not the other way around.


Avanteam integrates easily with the main software packages on the market: CRM, ERP, HRIS, etc.


Access Avanteam anywhere, anytime, from any iOS, Android or Windows terminal.

Autonomy and freedom

Avanteam is accessible to functional users, who can customize their application on their own, without any technical skills.

Cross-functional approach

Dematerialize all your business processes with a single platform, reducing licensing and training costs.

Our commitment to your success

Beyond software, Avanteam's success lies in the commitment of its teams to the success of customer projects.

Innovation & Leadership

Thanks to an innovative software suite and over 20 years of expertise, Avanteam has enjoyed double-digit growth for many years, and is now a market leader with over 500 customers in Europe.


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Learn about all the features of the Invoice Manager solution

How to choose a dematerialization software for suppliers?

How to make a comparison of dematerialization solutions?

  • We advise you to draw up a functional and technical checklist, and enter the key functionalities you need. Then look for some contract management software that matches your checklist. This will simplify your work considerably and make it more efficient. Three to four software packages are usually enough to make a relevant comparison.
  • In addition to your checklist, check the editor's customer references, particularly in your sector of activity, as well as their ability to advise and support you in the implementation of your project.
  • The existence of an active "User Club" is also an important criterion. This allows you to verify that the editor devotes sufficient time and energy to the evolution of its solution so that it is constantly in phase with the state of the art, as well as the latest regulatory or legal requirements.
  • Another decisive criterion is the editor's ability to support you in the dematerialization of other business processes, capitalizing on the same software platform. This means significant economies of scale on software, training and maintenance.

Why automate your supplier invoice processing?

  • Invoice processing is a cumbersome, sensitive and costly process that mobilizes qualified resources and can affect the company's relationships
    with its suppliers and financial partners. This is why it is one of the processes that companies want to digitize and automate as a priority.
  • By dividing by 3 the costs your company saves time and money, while improving compliance and supplier relations.
  • Thanks to the indicators and dashboards available in real time, you know at any time where you are in your supplier cycle:

    - Invoices awaiting validation, in dispute or in payment
    - Invoice processing times by site, country, buyer or approver
    - Sources of disputes or non-conformities and areas for improvement
    - Purchase amounts and discounts by supplier, type of purchase, site and country
    - Statistics by supplier, type of purchase or any other analytical axis

What are the most important benefits of a Purchase-To-Pay solution?

  • Provide your users with exceptional visibility and traceability at every stage of the process, from purchase requisition to supplier invoice payment.
  • Reduce processing times and payment delays
  • Involve your suppliers more in your process, while giving them greater visibility into the processing of their invoices, thus improving the relationship and the level of discount granted.
  • Prevent fraud by securing the process while contributing to a better traceability of documents and actions performed thanks to the reliable audit trail.
  • Help your managers to focus on value-added tasks : analysis of their activity, simplified accounting closures and finer steering of the financial process.

With which ERP systems is the supplier invoice automation solution compatible?

  • Avanteam Invoice Manager integrates seamlessly with any ERP software on the market via flat file transmission (CSV, XML) or via real-time Web Services. It also has dedicated connectors for Cegid, Sage, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage and SAP. The solution is also capable of integrating several systems in the case of large accounts where different ERP or accounting software may coexist.

How to calculate the ROI of a dematerialization solution software?

  • Even if it is difficult to propose a universal model because the processes are so different from one company to another, there is nevertheless a relatively simple method to calculate the return on investment (ROI) of a purchase-to-pay software:

    - How many employees are in charge of managing purchases and supplier invoices? What is their average hourly wage, including charges?
    - How many hours per day do they spend on average on the manual management of this process?
    - Number of employees X Average hourly wage X Number of hours spent on quality = Daily cost.
    - Multiply this daily cost by the number of working days in your company to get the annual cost of managing manual purchasing and supplier invoices.

    A dematerialization software allows you to divide this cost by 3 by automating all manual and time-consuming tasks. Now you have to calculate your return on investment, by deducting from the annual cost of the Purchase-To-Pay software, the 2/3 of management time saved thanks to this software. Do not hesitate to contact our customer service to get a small ROI calculator that you can customize according to your organization's context.

    This calculation only takes into account the quantifiable gains, to which you can add the "qualitative" benefits of a dematerialized management of purchases and supplier invoices:

    - More time devoted to tasks with higher added value
    - Better respect of your rules and internal procedures
    - Reinforced control and reduction of financial risks
    - Autonomy of the teams and overall fluidity of the process.

Can I use Avanteam to dematerialize other processes than purchasing and supplier invoices?

  • Yes, beyond its Purchase-To-Pay solution, Avanteam provides you with a powerful document digitization platform (EDM) and business processes (BPM) which is Process Studio.
  • With this tool, you can create in record time and without coding, other collaborative applications: contracts, expense reports, recruitment, staff entry/exit, ... and avoid your teams to juggle with spreadsheets, emails and other tools to manage and coordinate their activities.

  • Process Studio is accessible to both business decision makers and technical experts. It is the insurance for your company that your application will easily adapt to organizational changes, without additional development costs and without soliciting internal or external IT teams.