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BPM software for business application design




With Process Studio, low-code BPM software, you can design process-oriented business applications quickly and without code. Your teams will no longer have to juggle with spreadsheets and emails to manage and coordinate their activities.

500+ companies trust us

Quickly model and create your own Web & Mobile applications

Graphically model your forms and workflows and manage your business rules using the BPMN standard.

Capitalize on proven, ready-to-use technological components to accelerate your projects.

Easily adapt your application to organizational changes or user functional requirements, without additional development costs and without requiring internal IT staff.

Workflow tool to customize your applications
With Avanteam Mobile, you can take
With Avanteam Mobile, you can take
With Avanteam Mobile, you can take

Automate your operations, including mobile field operations

Data entry and feedback: incident reports, customer complaints, intervention sheets, audits or inspections, customer visits, activity reports, worksite monitoring, inventory of fixtures, building cleanliness inspections, home medical visits, insurance appraisals, time sheets, etc.

Participation in workflows and decision-making: purchase requisition, leave, expense claims, mail validation, contract signature, etc.

Follow-up on the progress of files, from anywhere and at any time.

Manage your business in real time

Customize the portal and its many widgets, according to the profile and interests of each user.

Give the possibility to certain users to create their own reports or personalized views.

Quickly create your own indicators and dashboards with Avanteam Graph Builder©.

Easily integrate your BI tools like Microsoft Power BI, QlikView, Cognos, etc.

Ready-to-use technological components

Capitalize on a library of turnkey components to accelerate the creation and deployment of your applications

Universal document viewer (+350 formats)

Single Sign-On

Connector for DocuSign, Yousign, Oodrive, ...

Compliance kit
FDA 21 CFR Part 11

Standard connectors to leading ERP and CRM systems

Advanced of users according to their roles

Document & data import/export kit

Archiving with probative value in compliance with NF Z 42-013

Annotation and advanced PDF processing

and KPIs with Graph Builder

Connector with digital trust operator

SaaS or On-Premise
or On-Premise

Dynamic integration with Microsoft Office

Capture and index paper and PDF documents

Context-sensitive, customizable portal

Mobile application for iOS, Android and Windows

Achieve high-speed change with low-code and the cloud

The power of our low-code platform will ensure a quick success of your project with a clear ROI. Its performance will allow you to anticipate the needs of the various businesses and to lead the digital transformation at high speed.

Say goodbye to outdated infrastructures and complicated upgrades. Discover the potential of our document and content management platform, coupled with the simplicity of the SaaS model.

A ready-to-use application catalog

Avanteam Process Suite

Capitalize on our suite of business applications designed for key business processes. Quality, legal, finance, administration, human resources...

Benefits of the solution

Cut web and mobile application development time and costs by a factor of 10

A library of technological components to speed up the creation of your applications

A catalog of ready-to-use, rapidly operational business applications

More than a tool for creating forms and workflows, a true application generator

Proven solution used by over 500 customers and tens of thousands of users in Europe

An all-in-one EDM, BPM and AI platform for creating real business applications

Our customers say it best

What seduced the users and myself, are the modernity of the interface and the functional richness of Avanteam solutions.

Claude BOUR

With Avanteam Process Studio, we have already automated around ten value-added business workflows for the company.

Matthieu Niclot
Digital Coordinator

We chose Avanteam for the speed of implementation and the ability to customize the solution independently.

Mathilde Borel
Head of IT - Finance

Why Avanteam?

Find out why customers choose Avanteam


We put end-users first, with the aim of making their lives easier.


Our solutions adapt to your organization and grow with your strategy, not the other way around.


Avanteam integrates easily with the main software packages on the market: CRM, ERP, HRIS, etc.


Access Avanteam anywhere, anytime, from any iOS, Android or Windows terminal.

Autonomy and freedom

Avanteam is accessible to functional users, who can customize their application on their own, without any technical skills.

Cross-functional approach

Dematerialize all your business processes with a single platform, reducing licensing and training costs.

Our commitment to your success

Beyond software, Avanteam's success lies in the commitment of its teams to the success of customer projects.

Innovation & Leadership

Thanks to an innovative software suite and over 20 years of expertise, Avanteam has enjoyed double-digit growth for many years, and is now a market leader with over 500 customers in Europe.


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Learn about all the features of the Process Studio solution

How to choose your low-code BPM software?

How to compare Business Process Management (BPM) solutions?

  • We advise you to establish a functional and technical checklist to fill in the key features you need. Then look for some BPM software that match your checklist. This will simplify your work considerably while being more efficient. Three to forty software packages are usually enough to make a relevant comparison.
  • Systematically carry out a POC or application mock-up to really see the power of the tool and its ability to meet your specifications.
  • Pay close attention to the technological or business components supplied as standard, which make all the difference in creating professional applications without having to reinvent everything.
  • In addition to your checklist, check the editor's customer references, especially in your sector of activity.
  • The existence of an active "User Club" is also an important criterion. This allows you to verify that the editor devotes sufficient time and energy to the evolution of its solution so that it is constantly in phase with the state of the art, as well as the latest regulatory or legal requirements.
  • Another decisive criterion is the capacity of the editor to accompany you in the realization and the implementation of your project.

What are the most important benefits of a BPM solution?

  • Help your employees focus on high value-added tasks.
  • Simplify your users' lives and improve their engagement at work.
  • Give your managers full visibility on their processes: who? when? where? why?
  • Reduce costs and processing times.
  • Reinforce compliance with internal rules and procedures.
  • Improve quality and reduce operational and financial risks.

How can I be sure that the custom application will remain on a standard and scalable base?

This is an important criterion that you should keep in mind before choosing a BPM platform.

  • Does the editor offer corrective and evolutionary maintenance?
  • Will your application easily benefit from ergonomic, technological and functional evolutions?

Whatever your business need or its complexity, you can model it easily with Process Studio. It is the guarantee for you that your application will meet your specific expectations, while remaining on a standard and evolving application base, which will always be in phase with the state of the art and the last technological evolutions.

How to calculate the ROI of a BPM software solution?

  • Even if it is difficult to propose a universal model as processes are so different from one company to another, there is nevertheless a relatively simple method to calculate the return on investment (ROI) of a BPM software:

    - How many employees are in charge of the processes concerned?
    - How many hours per day do they spend on average on the manual management of these processes?
    - Number of employees X Average hourly wage X Number of hours spent on quality = Daily cost.
    - Multiply this daily cost by the number of working days in your company to obtain the annual cost dedicated to the manual management of the processes that are going to be automated.

    A BPM software allows you to divide this cost by 3 by automating all manual and time-consuming tasks. Now you have to calculate your return on investment, by deducting from the annual cost of the BPM software, the 2/3 of management time saved thanks to this software. Do not hesitate to contact our customer service to have a small ROI calculator that you can customize according to the context of your organization.

    This calculation only takes into account the quantifiable gains, to which you can add the "qualitative" benefits of a dematerialized management of purchases and supplier invoices:

    - More time devoted to higher value-added tasks
    - Better compliance with your internal rules and procedures
    - Reinforced control and reduction of operational and financial risks
    - Team autonomy and overall fluidity of operations