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Centralize and digitalize your Document Unique d'Evaluation des Risques Professionnels, thanks to our innovative DUERP software. Ensuring your employees' safety and health in the workplace has never been easier!

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Single document software to assess your professional risks

Centralizing all your Occupational Health and Safety(OHS) data, Quality Risk Manager is a DUERP software package that optimizes the assessment and prevention of occupational risks within your company. Thanks to its clear indicators and customized processes, it brings your Document Unique and your action plans to life simply and effectively.

It's a great asset, and an integral part of your quality software!

Centralized occupational risk management

Our single document software centralizes and makes accessible all your OHS data.

Tree structure reflecting your organization

You can assess risks by site, zone, workstation and activity.

Real-time tracking of action plans

You can visualize the measures required to ensure worker safety, and their progress.

Greater visibility for better risk assessment

Our intuitive DUERP software helps you list risks and draw up a relevant prevention plan.

Optimization of management time

Save 40-60% of your time on data entry, analysis and follow-up,
so you can focus on high value-added tasks.

Simplified management of your professional risks

Our Document Unique software lets you act quickly and efficiently, thanks to its customized features.

Centralized DUERP software

Centralized risk repository and mapping according to your organization: establishments, zones, work units and activities, etc. ;

Assessment of occupational risks, whatever their nature (physical, chemical, biological, radioactive, quality, etc.), using the appropriate method (severity, probability, frequency of exposure, duration, detectability, FMEA, 5M, etc.);

Periodic monitoring and rating of risks with automatic feedback of indicators;

Intuitive, visual navigation based on risk mapping.

DUERP software "risks" view
DUERP software "risks" view diagram

Collaborative monitoring of action and prevention plans

Collaborative planning and monitoring of corrective and preventive actions;

Calculation of the initial and residual risk, thanks to the implementation of appropriate preventive measures;

Calculation of initial and residual risk by implementing preventive measures ;

Automate control and risk prevention methods, thanks to the integrated workflow system;

Automated reminders to stakeholders in the event of delays.

Simplified reporting and management

History of all evaluations carried out and tracking of their progress;

Delegation of risk analysis to involve your colleagues in EvRP;

Periodic monitoring and evaluation of risks, with reporting of indicators;

Automatic generation of Single Documents and other documents for occupational health and safety professionals.

DUERP software "risks" view

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What seduced the users and myself, are the modernity of the interface and the functional richness of Avanteam solutions.

Claude BOUR

With Avanteam Process Studio, we have already automated around ten value-added business workflows for the company.

Matthieu Niclot
Digital Coordinator

We chose Avanteam for the speed of implementation and the ability to customize the solution independently.

Mathilde Borel
Head of IT - Finance

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Avanteam integrates easily with the main software packages on the market: CRM, ERP, HRIS, etc.


Access Avanteam anywhere, anytime, from any iOS, Android or Windows terminal.

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Avanteam is accessible to functional users, who can customize their application on their own, without any technical skills.

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Dematerialize all your business processes with a single platform, reducing licensing and training costs.

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Beyond software, Avanteam's success lies in the commitment of its teams to the success of customer projects.

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Learn about all the features of the Quality Risk Manager solution

DUERP (document unique d'évaluation des risques professionnels) software:choose wisely!

How to compare DUERP software?

  • To select the best single document software, we advise you to draw up a functional and technical checklist of the key options you need. Then you can set off in search of the DUERP and EvRP tools that match your criteria. This will simplify your work considerably, while optimizing your efficiency. Three to four risk management software packages are usually enough to make a relevant comparison;
  • In addition to your checklist, also check the publisher's customer references. User reviews are invaluable, especially in your industry, to give you a general idea of quality. This will also give you an idea of the ability of their teams to advise you and support you in the implementation of your project;
  • The existence of an active "Users' Club" is also an important criterion. This allows you to check that the editor devotes sufficient time and energy to developing its solution, so that it is constantly aligned with the French Labor Code, as well as the latest regulatory and professional requirements.

What are the benefits of Document Unique d'EvRP software?

  • Firstly, single document software gives you a 360° view of all your risk assessment sheets, and your level of control. You can then set up a prevention policy based on your analysis of professional risks, to avoid dangerous situations;
  • Digitizing and centralizing your DUERP also encourages employees to become more involved in your risk prevention initiatives, promoting cohesion, relevance and trust. At the same time, access to your indicators enables you to monitor your actions in real time, so you can take appropriate action;
  • In the end, you save precious time in managing your processes and can automatically generate your single document, while improving working conditions contributes to developing the satisfaction and well-being of your employees.

Do you have any examples of occupational hazards to consider?

  • The risks to which your employees are exposed can be of several types:

    • chemical risks, which can lead to occupational illness, fire or other problems. Preventing them is the best way to ensure your employees' health;
    • psychosocial risks, whether related to work pressure, harassment or exposure to stress;
    • physical risks, ranging from RSI to postural problems, falls, poorly secured work equipment and handling-related risks...

    To prioritize them in your EvRP single document software, it is necessary to consider their criticality as well as their probability of occurrence.

How to calculate the ROI of a Document Unique software package?

There are various ways of calculating the return on investment of a software product: Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • How many employees are responsible for rating and assessing occupational risks in your workplace? What is their average hourly wage, including all charges?
  • How many hours a day on average do they work on risk prevention and management?

Next, multiply the number of employees by their average hourly wage, then by the number of hours dedicated to quality: this will give you the daily cost dedicated to risk management. Multiply this daily cost by the company's annual number of working days, to obtain the annual cost devoted to this facet of your business.

DUERP software can generally divide this cost by 3, by automating the most time-consuming manual tasks. Your ROI will thus be obtained by deducting from the annual cost of the single document software, the 2/3 of management time saved thanks to it.

Don't hesitate to contact our customer service department to benefit from our ROI calculator, which can be customized to suit your company. This calculation only takes into account quantifiable gains, but don't overlook the "qualitative" benefits of dematerializing your quality software:

- More time available for higher value-added tasks;
- Better quality of life for your employees and greater involvement in your risk prevention and continuous improvement process;
- Greater team autonomy;
- Better overall management of the risk assessment and prevention process.

Does the solution allow for a recovery of the existing?

  • Yes, Avanteam can help you transfer your prevention and risk management sheets. We have a simple, high-performance tool capable of reading Excel, CSV or XML files.

Apart from professional risk management, what else can I dematerialize with Avanteam?

  • In addition to business solutions such as Quality Risk Manager, Avanteam offers a modern platform for document management (EDM), contract management (CLM) and business process management (BPM), Process Studio.
  • With Process Studio, we enable you to create your own collaborative applications, without wasting any time. From purchasing to supplier invoices, from mail management to customer service, from vacation management to expense claims, from recruitment to personnel entry and exit, it's all possible.
  • What's even better? The tool is accessible to business decision-makers and technical experts alike, and can be upgraded without you needing to know how to code.

Can I use the tool on the move on the field?

Yes, Avanteam'smobile application gives your teams in the field secure access to their processes, documents and tasks, from any iOS, Android or Windows Phone terminal. In particular, it enables them to enterand retrieve any type of information from the field, even when offline:

  • Industrial accident declaration, HSE round
  • Customer complaint, intervention form,
  • Audit or inspection, customer visit, activity report,
  • Site follow-up, inventory of fixtures, timesheets, etc.
  • Track the progress of a project anywhere, anytime.

Our DUERP software, available on mobile, also enables you to take part in workflows and make quick decisions: process an action plan, validate a document, etc.

But it also helps you to intervene in other collaborative processes, which can be digitized by Avanteam: purchase requisitions, leave, expense reports, contract signing, etc.

It's easy to report workplace accidents, falls, stress factors, harassment, general risks and other events affecting quality of life at work: just dictate your text on the mobile app, and take photos and videos live.

Whether on a construction site or on a production line, our software is with you wherever you are. Avanteam Mobile is available on all platforms, from Apple Store to Google Play and Windows, to guarantee your employees an efficient solution.