July 28, 2022

Quality Manager Brochure

In 2021, Avanteam presents a new version of its software suite. A major update that brings many ergonomic, functional and technical improvements:

  • Ergonomic redesign (UI) and user experience (UX) of Process Studio by improving the user's path thanks to the feedback of our consultants and our customers
  • Ergonomic improvement of the web portal
  • Optimization of the work space with the availability of a compact mode to display information on small screens
  • Customizable view manager
  • Personal view manager and "Template" view generation
  • New task planning tool - Graphic Planner
  • New theme customization options for the web application
  • Improvement of the administration tools
  • Upgrading the technological base and improving security
  • Major ergonomic redesign of Avanteam Mobile with a new portal and improved management of views, forms and attachments

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