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Quick-Start implementation

Quick-Start project methodology

Step 1


of theproject

This phase allows to validate the project's scope and to set up the set up the bodies in charge of its governance.

The more ambitious the project, the more important it is that the parties in charge of its implementation to agree on its objectives , its milestones and deliverablesto ensure its success and avoid a "tunnel effect" during its deployment. tunnel effect" during its deployment.

The technical requirements, are also validated at this stage.

Step 2

Functional analysis


Workshops will allow you to analyze in a precise way with your teams, the key elements of your project, in particular :

  • Your information flows: contents and formats, classification metadata, capture or acquisition modes, exchange and integration methods with your existing information system.
  • Your processes : review of workflows: stages, roles, decisions, management rules and notifications, dashboards and steering indicators.
  • Your organization: people, groups, departments, sites and countries with their hierarchical and transversal relationships, functions, roles and access rights.

    Step 3


    This step involves parameterize and customize software on the basis of the analysis report produced in the previous step:

    • Functional configuration of the application
    • Customization of the user interface
    • Integration of the solution into your existing information system.

    Our agile and iterative approach gives you a clear competitive advantage at this stage: you will have the opportunity to be as involved as possible in customizing the solution to meet your specific needs.

    Step 4

    Deployment & Training

     This stage enables both the customer and Avanteam to ensure that the application is working perfectly.

    • Installation of the application in the Cloud or in your own technical environment.
    • The recipe of the application to ensure each other that the application works perfectly.
    • The application is put into production and goes into the warranty period.
    • Training in use and, if necessary, administration, so that you can be as autonomous as possible.

    Avanteam is an approved training organization and the training can be financed by your OPCA

    Step 5


    The parties can take advantage of this stage to assess the project and consider complementary actions to maximize your return on investment:

    • Promote the adoption of the solution by users through targeted training and support
    • Facilitate maintenance of the solution by functional administrators through skills transfer
      Make any necessary adaptations to the application: portal, browsers, filing plans, processing circuits, indicators, etc., to facilitate use and adoption of the solution.
    • Maintain the application in operational condition (MCO) through application maintenance adapted to the context of the customer project.