Total protection of your transactions and data

Electronic signature & Archiving with probative value

The Avanteam suite integrates the main platforms of electronic signature and archiving with probative value, in order to secure at best your transactions and your data.

DocuSign is the world's leading provider of digital signature and transaction solutions.

With its digital transaction management platform, DocuSign enables organizations to adopt fully digital processes from start to finish, accelerating transactions and reducing costs to the benefit of customers, partners, suppliers and employees.

  • Millions of users and more than 250,000 companies in 188 countries use DocuSign.
  • 11 of the top 15 wealth management firms have already adopted DocuSign.
  • More than 600 agencies and P&C insurance companies trust DocuSign.
  • DocuSign is available in 43 languages.
  • DocuSign is a Trusted Service Provider (TSP) and certified by the eIDAS regulation.

DocuSign has a competent sales and technical team in France capable of providing quality support to its customers and partners like Avanteam.

Yousign is one of the first French players in digital signatures with probative value.

The company is committed to delivering a seamless signing experience, supported by compliance with the most advanced standards such as eIDAS, so that its customers can focus on their agreements and say goodbye to paperwork.

Thousands of companies rely on Yousign to sign contracts, secure agreements and provide the best experience for their customers, employees and partners.

    LuxTrust is the first qualified trust service provider in Europe.

    Originally founded at the initiative of the Luxembourg government and banks, LuxTrust is able to meet the most complex customer requirements for digital trust services. 

    Certified according to the European eIDAS regulation and thus acting in compliance with the latest European regulations (DSP2, RGPD, ETSI, AML), LuxTrust offers services related to the identification and authentication of individuals, the creation and management of electronic certificates, and the creation and validation of electronic signatures.

    Oodrive is the first trusted European collaborative suite.

    Owned and operated in Europe, Oodrive guarantees more than one million users the highest levels of data security thanks to the best collaboration tools. Teams can finally secure all sensitive content without slowing down their work.

    Oodrive Sign provides easy-to-use electronic signatures with full evidential value for large companies, VSEs and SMEs, to help them speed up their processes with signatures that integrate directly into their workflows and enable them to establish trusted relationships.

      As a digital trust operator, Docoon ensures the dematerialization of incoming documents: supplier invoices, mail, etc. and outgoing documents: customer invoices, contracts, pay slips, etc.

      On the eve of the 2024 finance law concerning the mandatory dematerialization of invoices for all companies by 2026, Docoon is positioned among the first PDPs.

      The editor offers dematerialization services that are among the most interesting on the market thanks to its secure platform that allows time stamping, qualified eIDAS electronic signature, NF 461 archiving for evidentiary purposes and multi-channel transmission: signed PDF, Invoice-x, Chorus Pro, Peppol, EDI, postal channel:


      • Its solution covers the entire document chain via time stamping, electronic invoicing, electronic signature and interconnection with the national platform (Chorus Pro) and other international platforms: Europe: Italy, Luxembourg, etc.
      • Docoon is a member of the FNTC (Fédération des Tiers de Confiance du Numérique), GS1 France, FNFE MPE, EESPA and PEPPOL.

      Xelians supports 11,000 customers in the management of their information assets in order to sustain their activities and help them refocus on their core business.

      The company offers its customers and partners an electronic archiving system (EAS) for evidentiary purposes, in compliance with the NF Z 42-026 standard.

      This electronic archiving system ensures the long-term preservation of your key documents and preserves them from any modification so that they can be provided as evidence in court, should the need arise. This system is based on 4 major pillars:

      • the respect of theauthenticity of the original document
      • its reliability
      • its integrity
      • its usability over time.

      These are all important issues that are accompanied by specific regulatory and normative frameworks.

        Our clients testify

        What seduced the users and myself, are the modernity of the interface and the functional richness of Avanteam solutions.

        Claude BOUR

        With Avanteam Process Studio, we have already automated around ten value-added business workflows for the company.

        Matthieu Niclot
        Digital Coordinator

        We chose Avanteam for the speed of implementation and the ability to customize the solution independently.

        Mathilde Borel
        Head of IT - Finance

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