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Automate document and process management

Do you want to streamline your document management and business processes?

Avanteam offers you a suite of reliable and innovative EDM and Workflow software to centralize and share your various documents and contents, then automate the associated business processes.

Why implement an EDM and Workflow solution ?

In an increasingly competitive economic environment, the dematerialization of documents and theautomation of business processes have become major levers for companies wishing to gain in agility, visibility and traceability.

However, many of them still handle paper files and exchange emails to share information or coordinate actions related to their business processes such as customer complaint follow-up, purchasing management or supplier invoice processing. This has a huge impact on employee efficiency and customer service.

  The main features of an EDM and Workflow solution


The first function of an EDM solution is to capture all types of paper or electronic documents: incoming mail, purchase orders, supplier invoices, quality procedures, emails, faxes, standards or repositories, knowledge bases :


  • Bulk or single sheet scanning of paper documents
  • Automatic indexing by barcode reading, full text OCR or by document zone
  • Automatic reading of key information with self-learning technology
  • Import of electronic flows (fax, email, database, EDI flows, XML, CSV)
  • MS Office and Open Office interface for direct registration of documents in the DMS
  • Support for the main scanners on the market


It's important that your EDM software helps you classify and find your documents easily. Both on the basis of their content and through index cards incorporating customizable classification and search metadata:


  • Classification and indexing of documents by attributes and customizable metadata
  • Constitution and dynamic filing of files
  • Contextual and customizable access portal
  • Full text or keyword search, multi-criteria search with dynamic filter
  • Visual navigation thanks to the mapping of documents and files by process, site, organization chart, etc.


    Modern electronic document management solutions also offer innovative features for managing the document lifecycle. Examples include the validation cycle for a quality document, or the processing circuit for a purchase requisition or supplier invoice:


        • Workflow system capable of modeling and computerizing any processing circuit
        • Contextual and customizable portal: task list, indicators, favorites, urgent or priority files, etc.
        • Integration and synchronization of LDAP and Active Directory
        • Alerts and reminders with escalation system in case of absence or leave
        • Integration of applications, DBMS and ERP thanks to connectors and web services provided as standard
        • Graphic design workshop for workflows, forms and business rules accessible to non-IT specialists.


    Documents are often intended to be communicated, in electronic or paper form, to third parties or within your company. An EDM solution helps you to prepare and control these releases and to keep a complete traceability for auditing purposes or as evidence:


    • Customizable mailing lists
    • Push information by subscription profile and interests
    • Display of documents as lists or thumbnails
    • Annotation, marking and highlighting functions, with zoom and rotation
    • Universal viewer capable of displaying all types of files: PDF, Images, Microsoft Office, PCL, Autocad, etc.


    Thanks to the rise of dematerialization, it would be relevant that your EDM solution also offers simple archiving features or with probative value:


            • Electronic archiving of current documents: quality documents, customer files, expense reports, etc.
            • Archiving with probative value for the legal conservation of invoices, contracts, pay slips, e-mails, etc.
            • Integration of trusted third party services.
            • FDA 21 CFR 11 compliance thanks to double signature and audit-trail.

    Avanteam's EDM and workflow solution

    For more than 10 years, Avanteam has been helping its customers to succeed in the digital transformation of their processes thanks to an innovative software suite , high value-added consulting services and above all a boundless passion for making EDM accessible to all business functions.

    More than 500 customers in Europe and 25% of the CAC 40 in France use the Avanteam suite to manage their information assets, streamline their processes, reduce costs and gain in agility and compliance. A centralized database enables them to store and quickly retrieve all information and attachments relating to their processes. A context-sensitive access portal and workflow system communicate decisive information to employees in a timely manner. Last but not least, relevant search tools and filing plans enable them to quickly access the various files they need to process.

    Avanteam's EDM and workflow software solutions are suitable for professionals in all sectors of activity: agri-food, insurance and mutual insurance, building and construction, banking and finance, trade and distribution, administration and communities, energy, industry, cosmetics, chemistry, pharmacy, health, services, transport and logistics

    A powerful Accounts Payable Workflow platform

    The Avanteam Process Suite is a EDM and workflow platform integrating essential functionalities of collaborative document and process management such as scanning, workflow, collaborative work and enterprise portal.

    Avanteam proposes a broad catalog of ready-to-use business solutions to be chosen according to your needs for the functions as varied as quality, administration, legal, data processing, finances or human resources.

    What distinguishes Avanteam's EDM and Workflow offer is that, in addition to the powerful and efficient electronic document and content management (EDM) functionalities, you will also benefit from innovative process modelling and automation functionalities (Workflow).

    Thanks to a collaborative portal, offering advanced content management, workflow and reporting functions, Avanteam's EDM and Workflow suite provides your employees with the right information at the right time. Your company becomes more reactive and offers a better service to its customers. By associating functionalities of treatment of forms and workflow to its platform of management of documents and contents, Avanteam places at the disposal of the actors of the company, a broad choice of potential applications. Forms and content are thus an integral part of the same business workflow in order to ensure security, consistency and reliability of information throughout its processing.

    The Process Studio software also offers you the possibility to customize the solution and adapt it to your organization and specific needs.

    Thanks to Avanteam Online, this offer is also available in the Cloud in SaaS mode (Software as a Service). This makes the platform immediately operational and allows you to optimize your processes without delay and without prior investment.

    For more information on our catalog of Ged and Workflow software, please contact us.


    Our clients testify

    What seduced the users and myself, are the modernity of the interface and the functional richness of Avanteam solutions.

    Claude BOUR

    With Avanteam Process Studio, we have already automated around ten value-added business workflows for the company.

    Matthieu Niclot
    Digital Coordinator

    We chose Avanteam for the speed of implementation and the ability to customize the solution independently.

    Mathilde Borel
    Head of IT - Finance

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