Apr 16, 2024

05/16/24 Webinar - Optimize your operational performance with automation and AI

With this webinar, we invite you to discover how Avanteam can help you address the following needs:

- Intelligent data analysis and extraction: from all types of document: ID card, passport, driving license, vehicle registration document, proof of address, tax notice, invoice, quotation, statement of information, expert's report, certificates, etc.

- Automate administrative tasks: such as account opening, claims processing and compliance checks, reducing delays and human error.

- Regulatory compliance: thanks to simplified audits and automatic controls, facilitating compliance with standards and regulations.

- Fast access to information: with AI, you'll have fast, intelligent access to documents, contracts and any other information from your document collections. - Improved customer experience: thanks to the speed and efficiency with which key processes such as contract underwriting, loan applications and customer complaints are handled.

- Enhanced security: Avanteam offers you a sovereign, resilient platform, already adopted by over 500 companies, including 25% of the CAC 40.

This webinar will be hosted by our experts, and you'll have the chance to ask your questions live.

Click here to register.

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