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The efficiency with which a company executes its processes often determines its success, which is why process control has become vital for any organization.

With Process Studio, modern and powerful workflow software, model and automate your business processes and gain in agility and traceability.

What is the purpose of a Workflow software?

In an increasingly competitive economic environment, the dematerialization and automation of business processes has become essential for companies seeking greater agility, visibility and traceability.

However, many companies still handle paper files and exchange emails toshare information or coordinate actions related to their business processes, such as tracking customer complaints, managing purchases or processing supplier invoices. This situation greatly affects the efficiency of employees and the service provided to customers.

Managing processes with a workflow tool becomes even more obvious when :

  • the processes and players involved are numerous and often spread over several sites
  • the information required for their proper execution is difficult to access or constantly changing
  • the indicators essential to their improvement are not easy to collect.

Process Studio, one of the best workflow software packages on the market, enables you to model, automate and control your company's business processes, for real benefits in terms of traceability and operational efficiency.

The main functions of a Workflow solution


First of all, a workflow software must allow the simple and quick modeling of processes, including by functional staff and non-IT specialists. The purpose of this step is to describe in detail the steps, participants, information and management rules that characterize a business process, such as the follow-up of a letter or the processing of a purchase request. It is important that the software chosen is compatible with the BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) standard, which not only simplifies the modeling and computerization of all types of processes, even the most complex, but also establishes a common language between users, business experts and process designers:


  • Graphical modeling of forms and workflows
  • Management of actors, roles, prerogatives and access rights
  • Delegation management and change of assignment
  • One-click generation of the business application, accessible from any browser or terminal
  • Versioning and hot updating of workflows
  • Connectors with the main ERP, CRM and DBMS of the market.


At this stage, the workflow engine will interact with people and information systems based on the steps, business rules and data associated with each process instance. For example, when entering a customer complaint form, the workflow application will query the CRM application containing the customer's information so that the operator only has to enter the description and origin of the complaint. This saves time and avoids double entries. The workflow solution will then escalate the claim to the right people according to the rules and business rules associated with the workflow:


  • Workflow execution engine capable of integrating your business steps and rules
  • Automatic reminders and alerts in case of delay
  • Escalation management in case of deadline overrun
  • History and total traceability of the participants and changes
  • Synchronization of several processes.


    The workflow solution must also offer, via a portal or customizable widgets, the possibility for users and managers to quickly access the essentials: tasks, reports, current and overdue files, etc. In addition, it would be interesting if the workflow tool offered relevant indicators as standard, allowing real-time monitoring of processes:


        • Contextual management of the workspace according to each user's profile
        • Application portal, widgets, indicators and customizable dashboards
        • Multi-criteria and full text search tools
        • On-the-spot indicators: where are we on the progress of a task? who? when? why?
        • Cold indicators: what are the gaps? trends? bottlenecks?
        • Possibility to easily create your own reports or dashboards
        • Support for BI tools on the market such as QlikView, Microsoft Reporting Services, Business Objects, Cognos, etc.

    Process Studio, Workflow software from the Avanteam suite

    With Process Studio, you have all the functions you need to design collaborative document management and process automation applications, easily and without programming:

    • Simple and graphical modeling of forms and workflows
    • One-click generation of the business application, accessible from any browser
    • Rapid integration of ERP, DBMS, directories and messaging systems
    • Customizable and contextual access portal .

    With Process Studio, everything is graphical, intuitive and reusable. The tool is accessible to both business decision makers and technical experts. It is thus possible to model and deploy in a few hours new business applications or to reconfigure in a few minutes its workflows, forms, views, graphic reports and portal. This guarantees that the company's application will easily adapt to organizational changes or functional demands from users, without additional development costs and without the need for internal IT teams.


    A real alternative to specific developments and vertical products, Process Studio allows the computerization of any type of operational process with economies of scale at all levels: a single platform, a single training, a single maintenance, a single investment.

    Complementary to your ERP, Process Studio will avoid you to make heavy and expensive developments on the side of your ERP to meet the needs of the business. The solution integrates easily with the main ERP and CRM software of the market.

    With its collaborative portal, offering advanced content management, workflow and reporting features, Process Studio provides your users with the right information at the right time. Your company becomes more agile and offers a better service to its customers and employees.

    Avanteam offers an open and scalable architecture with an intuitive interface, accessible to all users. The Avanteam software suite has been developed on the basis of market standards such as .NET, Ajax, HTML, XML, PDF/A, Active Directory and Web Services to integrate easily with your information system: ERP, CRM, accounting, messaging, etc.

    Our clients testify

    What seduced the users and myself, are the modernity of the interface and the functional richness of Avanteam solutions.

    Claude BOUR

    With Avanteam Process Studio, we have already automated around ten value-added business workflows for the company.

    Matthieu Niclot
    Digital Coordinator

    We chose Avanteam because of the speed with which the workflows could be implemented, and the ability to customize the solution independently.

    Mathilde Borel
    Head of IT - Finance

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