To guarantee your return on investment

10 benefits of the Avanteam suite

Whatever the nature or size of your document dematerialization or process automation project, you are entitled to expect a concrete and measurable return on investment.

Here are the benefits of the Avanteam suite most commonly encountered by our customers.

1. Smooth and streamlined processes

Avanteam automates and fluidifies the repetitive activities involving exchanges of information between various collaborators and services of your company.

From a simple document management to complex processes, involving a large number of steps and stakeholders, you can rely on Avanteam to industrialize and automate management procedures, reduce processing times, eliminate the errors of seizure and communication errors and improve the productivity of your teams.

2. Better collaboration and information sharing

One of the main benefits of the Avanteam suite is that it allows your employees to share information, coordinate activities and take the right decisions without time and space constraints.

You can create virtual workspaces, streamline and automate workflows, and manage your projects quickly and easily.

3. Traceability and compliance

Companies are faced with increasing regulatory requirements such as ISO 9000, GxP, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, Basel III, Sapin 2 Law, etc.

To succeed in this challenge and transform these constraints into opportunities, the company must have effective tools to identify risks and non-conformities, initiate corrective and preventive actions and organize the regular evaluation of the processes, while capitalizing on good practices.

4. Integration of customers and suppliers

Avanteam's open, service-oriented environment (SOA) allows it to easily integrate with your existing IT systems such as email, office automation and ERP systems.

This allows you to to integrate your customers and suppliers in a simple, fast and economic way in the transversal processes which concern themsuch as the management of customer orders, the processing of supplier invoices or the reseller extranet.

5. Capitalize on know-how

Companies can easily lose important operational knowledge when employees leave. This often costs them valuable time and customers.

By helping organizations to centralize and better manage their content, procedures and processes, Avanteam enables them to share their know-how more easily. By storing and centralizing the information related to each file, Avanteam allows the decision makers to know at any time where each file is, what has already been done and to whom to reassign it in case of departure or absence.

6. Team responsiveness

With Avanteam, tasks are automatically automatically assigned to the right people. They can then list them by theme or by priority.

In the event of absence or delay, a reminder and escalation system allows tasks to be reassigned to other people. This way, everyone is informed of their activities in a timely manner and can consult the information and attachments related to each file to ensure that it is processed.

7. Continuous process improvement

To implement a progress approach, you often have to describe your procedures and work processes to communicate them to as many people as possiblethen ensure that they are carried out and measure their effectiveness in the field. Avanteam's graphical templates help your employees to better understand the customer's requirements and the way each of them must organize themselves to meet them. The online execution of these processes, then allows them to gain traceability and agility.

Finally, thanks to the dashboards, you can measure the performance of your processes in real time, detect anomalies, take action and measure their effectiveness.

8. Processes always in line with the strategy

Many Business Process Management tools require heavy and expensive development.

With Avanteam you model, computerize and operate your business processes in record time and without any technical skill. It is the guarantee to be able to easily reconfigure your processes to keep them always in line with your strategy.

9. A unified ECM and BPM solution

By combining document management, form processing and workflow functionalities, the Avanteam suite provides a wide range of potential applications such as customer complaint management, invoice processing, legal contract monitoring, quality management or customer relationship management.

Forms and content are thus an integral part of the same business workflow to ensure security, consistency and reliability of information throughout the execution process

10. Fast ROI

The last benefit of the Avanteam suite that you should take into account is that it includes a catalog of ready-to-use applications to address your business needs: quality, risks, purchasing, supplier invoices, contracts, human resources processes, etc.

These applications, combined with our "Quick-Start" implementation methodology, get you up and running quickly and guarantee an optimal return on investment.

Our clients testify

What seduced the users and myself, are the modernity of the interface and the functional richness of Avanteam solutions.

Claude BOUR

With Avanteam Process Studio, we have already automated around ten value-added business workflows for the company.

Matthieu Niclot
Digital Coordinator

We chose Avanteam for the speed of implementation and the ability to customize the solution independently.

Mathilde Borel
Head of IT - Finance

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